Space Egg

Initially this was going to be a big pebble. I wanted to make two huge thumb pots and see what happened and a pebble was what I had in mind. Something substantial, smooth and tactile.

But I need an all important air hole so it would be a pebble with a hole. But you can’t just have a hole. A hole needs to be a feature. A meaningful hole. So maybe a series of holes…but someone who attends the drop in centre has already created a similar project so I want something different (better?)

So a pebble with holes. Not a pebble then. Obviously it’s going to be a Space Egg. In that case it needs to be intriguing…space like. Alien egg. Hmm…

Something I’m fast learning with hand building is that unless you know exactly what you’re doing, and able to stick to it, presumably with some reference material such as drawings to keep on track, you’re going to find that clay tends to do its own thing. This isn’t a bad thing of course because creativity is something that can develop a beautiful item just by chance.

So, back to this egg pebble.


It was too thick for the holes I intended to put into it and too heavy overall. I also wanted to glaze the inside of the egg so it had to be thinner so the viewer could easily see inside, which meant it really ought to be smoother inside for the glaze?

Thinner and smoother means get the cheese wire!


…and cut it in half, then scrape and shape, finally smoothing off with a damp sponge.

Whilst it’s in this state it’s occurred to me that I could have something inside the egg, a ship in the bottle…another egg?


Should there be something intriguing about this egg? A crack? Big enough to see there’s nothing inside? That’s it’s escaped? Hmm… 🙂


So this is the egg inside an egg. Glazing is going to be tricky do I decided to use coloured slip.


The inside of the small egg is yellow. The outside is blue. The inside of the outside egg is a mottled green. I’ll probably do the outside of the outside egg blue too. Got that? I think I’ve remembered the colours correctly. As you can see they all look a bit muddy.


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