Life drawing lesson #1

Not quite what I expected. A series of 5 minute poses, using several mediums, all held differently.

First, a marker pen held in the first. A bit like being 3 years again.


Unfortunately, or fortunately, the pen was running out but that was the point of the exercise, that you could blame your tools rather than your own talent…or lack of.

I messed up the second one because I was supposed to do it in a Berol handwriting pen. I think I was busy searching for another purple pen when we were given our instructions for the second pose.


The above was my favourite drawing.


The above was an exercise in not lifting the pen or pencil from the paper. This was one of the hardest to do. I physically couldn’t prevent myself so I had to cheat and add a few lines to look as though I’d followed the
instructions properly. A toughy.


Argh I don’t like this one because it looks so obscene and like something scribbled on a toilet door. This was with my non dominant hand. Cringe.


I’m updating my post three weeks after doing this lesson so if it wasn’t for my signature I’d be thinking I picked up someone else’s work by mistake. I just don’t remember doing this one, let alone what the instructions were for it.


The last one. The weirdest one. Ink and a twig. Enough said.

Roll on next week.


Pottery #3

Another lesson based on drawing. This time we tried biro and pastels.


This one was with biro. I’m not sure about biro as a medium. It’s unforgiving compared to pencil. I struggled a lot with the top of the legs on this angle because the model was wearing matt black underwear meaning I couldn’t see the shape of her body underneath.

This angle was easier as I was unable to ignore her underwear and see through it. I think it’s overworked though, which was easy to do when you’re waiting for the rest of the class to catch up. I must learn to stop fiddling. This is my first attempt at pastels and I think I like them.