In the modern day tradition of abusing social media to cram and spam numerous photos and posts of my many and varied projects to family and friends I’ve decided to create this blog to tidy it all up a bit.

Like an old ball of wool slowly unravelling and knotting up my Facebook was looking unstructured and bitty…so much so that said family and friends couldn’t possibly follow the progress of my indulgent projects and give me the plaudits I think I deserve….:)

On a more serious note, I need to be able to monitor my own creations so that I can follow my own progress as well as show the kids how much they should value that jumper I knitted them…you know, the one under the bed covered in dog hair.

So here we are. A library of things I have made, knitted, crocheted, painted, sewn or drawn. Some tips, some links, some inspiration and how it’s all helped with stress management and my sanity.


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