Re-padding the dog beds

Sometimes creativity isn’t just about making something beautiful, it’s about saving some money.

I couldn’t tell you how many dog beds I have in the house. Maybe six, maybe nine, with another in the car. Some are medium, some are large, the odd small one and a couple of old cushions that the greyhound loves*


What I do know is that they’re all old, a bit worse for wear and very flat. Replacing them all would cost a fortune and really there is nothing wrong with the covers that another good wash won’t sort out.

A trip to the local supermarket for some inexpensive duvets, a sharp pair of scissors, needle and cotton and some time can solve the problem.


The result is huge, puffy, soft beds and happy dogs.


*all the covers are still in the wash or drying – again. They insist on eating their raw meaty bones on their beds.



I’m in love with temari.

Japanese string balls (that originated in ancient China).

There are a number if ways to make the ball, I use left over yarn (a great way to control my stash) wound into a tight ball, then I wind cotton around the ball until the yarn is completely covered.


Then I choose the pattern and the thread.

Ta dah!


Isn’t it beautiful?

I can’t wait to get stuck into some more ๐Ÿ™‚

Knitted bag

Circular knitting.


But good.


The biggest benefit of circular knitting is that you don’t lose your other needle down the side of the sofa.


Stitch markers. Vital!


A three needle cast off.

A THREE needle cast off!


Apart from fulling and then attaching the button…and maybe a lining…it’s finished.

Bit scared about fulling so I’ll park this project for now.

After trying to full by hand which involved the bathroom sink, lots of hot water and an aching back I gave up and chucked it in the washing machine with fingers crossed. The result is okay I think. I can still see the stitches and thus the pattern so it’s not over fulled.


I could still lose little things like crochet needles and tweezers through the sides of the bag so I going to have to line it and if I’m feeling brave I’ll add a few little pockets to store these things. If I’m really brave the pockets will have zips ๐Ÿ˜€

The lining is an old pyjama top which is far too beautiful to just throw away.


I’ve deconstructed the pyjama top with a sharp pair of scissors and I’ll think about the design…