Small bottles

Whilst waiting for coils to dry on my larger projects I often may with thumb pots to see what happens.

This one became a small bottle.


It’s only about 3″ high. I may do a series of them.


Ewe and lamb

I like thumb pots. They can develop into anything. Inspired by a book from the college bookshelf I ripped off created a ewe…and her lamb.


I usually do these smaller projects whilst I’m waiting for larger ones to dry.


Well, I managed to glaze the lamb but totally messed up her mum by coating her too thickly. I had to wash her off and so I’ll glaze her another day, when I’m feeling brave again.

Here she is! The little lamb.


Mum is still waiting to be glazed.

Coil pot

I’ve tried thumb pots in the Drop In, and I’ve tried hump moulds. I needed to try a coil pot.

Inspired by some beautiful pots on Pinterest.


I didn’t realise this pot would take so long. You have to let it dry periodically so that the pot doesn’t collapse on itself through the weight of damp clay.




Dried and ready to fire.


..along with a small bottle made with thumb pots.