Pottery lesson #5

We’ve now started our own work. I started one figure but due to very wet clay and an unwillingness to stand there with two hair dryers I started another.

This is the second one.


It will have head but that will be modelled next week.

Hopefully I’ll remember to take pics of the first figure too.

Argh! Forget the first one, the second figure is taking much longer than expected and I’m doing it outside of class too.


So initially it was going to be a small girl but the proportions were all wrong, so it became a young woman, but after a while, based on her trout pout, I settled on a mermaid.

Here she is, in the damp cupboard. Very very slow drying to protect her hair.



Hurrah! After a concerted effort to push all the class pieces through the firing process, meaning my mermaid was left on the paid for shelf for several weeks, she finally made the kiln for her bisque firing. She’s in there now.

She was intended for the raku firing last week but it turns out she is too big, too heavy and too delicate for the raku tongs.

Can’t decide how to glaze her…


Pottery lesson #4

We’ve done the drawing bit. Now we’re back into the clay. We built a figure directly from life so Sue our model looked a little like this.



These are now slowly drying prior to firing in the Raku kiln. But we’re not doing this until June 😦