A big big bowl

I made this with a mould by coiling. I wanted to continue the shape into a gourd but unfortunately it dried too quickly to do anything else with it.

Glazing it was difficult due to its size and my inexperience.


The outside is a cream glaze, the inside is this glaze …


You can see from the tile that depending on thickness the glaze varies from a copper to a blue.


A new coil pot

I have an idea for this pot. I’m very inspired by Carol Long pottery so I’m hoping this will turn out as strikingly organic as her creations.


Ha ha! I wish…

So I’ve got as far as this. I’ve a long way to go. Pun not intended 🙂


I’ve done a lot more to this pot but I haven’t been updating my post.


I flipped the base of the pot over so that I could build the feet. Rather than try to create equally similar feet I was inspired by Carol Long to do something completely different.


As soon as the feet were dry and able to support the weight and flipped the pot back over to continue its build.


After further drying I was able to cut away the original base to expose the hollow feet.


The pot is growing considerably larger than I think I initially planned. It’s also drying quicker than planned, an issue caused by unforeseen delays in construction. It’s also developing a pronounced bottom…complete with cellulite.